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ETHEREA SFF Australian magazine: “A thrilling, accessible, and endearingly hopeful novel, Where It Rains in Colour is an uplifting read and an important addition to the Afrofuturist genre.”  

 Publisher’s Weekly: “Crittendon’s worldbuilding is imaginative and striking, full of lush visuals that tie the futuristic setting to African roots.”

Den of Geek says: “Outer space royalty literally glitter in the first book to come out of Angry Robot’s 2020 Black Voices Matter open acquisition period.”
Book Riot: “The worldbuilding here is lush and full of Dogon mythology, making the land of Swazembi feel like a world you’d want to get lost in. This is an Afrofuturist tale that is bursting with color and will have you rethinking how you see beauty.”

“A technicolor Afrofuturist fever-dream of a book.”
R.W.W. Greene, author of the Light Years:

“A captivating story about trusting received wisdom, challenging the status quo and owning one’s power. I loved it.”
Khan Wong, author of The Circus Infinite

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Where It Rains In Color is a great debut novel, one that I hope gets continued with more books, as the universe painted is amazing.

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